Rowena Garcia

Psycholinguistics. Language Acquisition. Tagalog.


Tagalog morphosyntax and word order

Together with Prof. Evan Kidd at the Australian National University, I investigate the acquisition and processing of Tagalog morphosyntax and thematic role assignment. Older articles were for my PhD, supervised by Prof. Barbara Höhle.

Diversity in language acquisition research

In a project with Prof. Evan Kidd, we looked at the diversity of languages and researchers covered in our top acquisition journals. In a project with other researchers led by Leher Singh, we look at publication bias against non-US research.

Infants' acquisition of phonotactics

In Prof. Natalie Boll-Avetisyan's C07 project under the University of Potsdam's SFB 1287, we look at German- and Japanese-learning infants' acquisition of phonotactics.

Infants' discrimination of nasal sounds

In this study, funded by Uni Potsdam's UFSKW, we look at Tagalog-learning infants' discrimination of nasal contrasts and if this is affected by acoustic salience.

Tagalog negation

The project on Tagalog-speaking children's acquisition of negation words is a collaboration with Roman Feiman and Scott AnderBois from Brown University, and the Speech Pathology department of the University of the Philippines Manila.

Tagalog tests

This involves the supervision of Kathleen Amora's Master thesis on the Tagalog adaptation of MAIN, and JB Pascual's PhD on developing Tagalog naming and semantic association tests for awake brain surgery.

Cross-linguistic study on word order

This is an MPI NL's Levelt award project on the order of given and new arguments in different languages. My collaborators are Natalia Levshina and Yevheniy Skyra (MPI NL).


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